Tasks to complete from Workshop 1:

For next workshop please complete:
  1. Module 1 Activity 6 - Peer Coaching Plan (draft) -refer to sample Coaching Plan from templates.
  2. Module 2 Activity 3 - Planning your coaching
  3. Bring a lesson plan to improve

Task to prepare for Workshop 2:

In workshop 2 we will be having a session called "Tech Focus Time". The aim is to share practice and learn new skills that can support the use of technology in 21st century classroom.

Could you each decide on a Web 2.0 tool or piece of software you use with your classes to share with the rest of the group. Each teacher will share their tool with the group. Each mini presentation is 10minutes.

Could you please enter the tool you would like to present on this Google Docs spreadsheet.

2013 Project - teacher presentations

2012 Project - teacher presentations

Cathie Cashmere Short Presentation

Example of a Public Live Binder for Year 11 Industrial Technology Multimedia -

Han Ozmen Moodle Powerpoint on Advanced upload & Forum

Han Ozmen Video on QR Codes

Workshop 1 - Poster Session