Welcome to the Sydney Region Peer Coaching wiki! This wiki will be used during the project to support you as you participate in the Peer Coaching training and during the implemention of Peer Coaching into your school community.

The Peer Coaching Pilot will be delivered as a series of 3 one day face-to-face workshops in Terms 1 and 2 with in-school implementation during Term 3 and 4.

The Regional Peer Coaching facilitator will support participating teachers to achieve accreditation as Peer Coaches.

Peer Coaching Structure


Peer Coaching Dates


Peer Coaching Accreditation Requirements

Participating teachers will need to complete two components to be accredited as a Peer Coach:
  • Component 1 - three days of face-to-face workshops during Terms 1 and 2.
  • Component 2 - an in-school practicum involving coaching one or two colleagues. Component 2 also requires participants to submit evidence of completed tasks.

The document below contains the requirments to be accredited as a Peer Coach.

Assessment Pro-formas

Coaching Log

Teacher Coaching Report
No set format. A short report from the teacher being coached - their thoughts on the coaching process.
Record of Lesson Improvement
No set format. You may submit an original lesson and the improved lesson after coaching and lesson observation notes.
Coaching Chronicle or Narrative
No set format. A short narrative of your Peer Coaching experience.
Peer Coaching Plan